"Enthralling" - MixMag, June 06 (4 Stars)

"Excellent" -

"A pleasure to read [...] Higgs seems to have a real understanding of what Leary was thinking. A fascinating book on a fascinating man." - Fortnight magazine, September 2006.

"It's by far the best book about Tim." - Brian Barritt

"An absolutely fascinating book" - Robert Elms, BBC Radio London, 5th July 2006.

"Very highly recommended reading and an appropriate addition to academic and community library American Biography collections, "I Have America Surrounded" is a compelling, informed, and informative biography of one of the key figures in the 'hippie' cultural movement that stamped the baby boomer coming-of-age experience on and off the college campus." - Midwest Book Review

"Following the recent publication of Robert Greenfield's exhaustive account of Leary, British journalist John Higgs casts a cooler eye over the extraordinary life of someone who was much more than a turn on, tune in, drop out soundbite. More an engaging cultural history than a judgement on his personality, a sure-footed grounding for the mud-slinging that's sure to come when two planned biopics hit the screen." - Metro, June 28th 06 (4 stars)

"A remarkable account of a remarkable man" - reFRESH issue 39

"I Have America Surrounded manages to explore the multi-faceted personality of Timothy Leary with good sense and good humour – not the easiest of tasks when dealing with an individual who contradicted himself every couple of years. Higgs gives us a closer look at the many life-changing events which influenced the man, from the minor to the cataclysmic, and which may have been responsible for his chameleon-like ability to continually change (if not completely reverse!) his personal philosophies. Timothy Leary has the ability to polarise opinion to either of two extremes, but in this book John Higgs gives the reader a glimpse of the ‘man in the middle’ – an individual with a huge ego who wanted to save the world; a man of vast rational intellect who bravely (perhaps foolishly) ‘let go’ and stepped beyond the threshold." - Greg Taylor, Sub Rosa Issue 6

"Unlike Robert Greenfield's recent bio-tabloid or Leary's auto-biography "Flashbacks," "I Have America Surrounded" is a much more complete story of a fascinating, flawed, and yet undeniably brilliant mind. Higgs explores the motivations, misteps, and impact of Leary's works and life with insight from many of the people who were closest to Leary at the time including Brian Barritt, Michael Horowitz, and Joanna Harcourt-Smith. If you are looking for Timothy Leary 101, this is it." - Sean Kearney,

"A truth-seeking biography of an iconic cheerleader for LSD and his adventures in consciousness expansion. Higgs' portrait of Leary as a pioneer in the exploration of inner space is an important contribution to countercultural history." - Paul Krassner

"You will not want to put this book down - full of unbelievable, gripping adventures - get it!" - Weed World, June 06

"At a time when university research projects are starting to replicate studies that our Harvard project published over 40 years ago, those who would like a deeper understanding of Tim Leary and his visionary work should read the eminently fair and balanced biography, by John Higgs, I Have America Surrounded." - Ralph Metzner, co-author of The Psychedelic Experience.

"[Leary] gave credibility to the psychology of postmodernism. Whether he was courageous or crackpot is a matter of opinion - he was always high entertainment." - The Times, 18th June 06

"After the publication of Robert Greenfield's plodding TIMOTHY LEARY: A BIOGRAPHY, which has as much revelatory power as a weak square of blotter buried in the back of the drawer, John Higgs' I HAVE AMERICA SURROUNDED arrives like a hit of circa 1970 orange sunshine dissolving on the reader's tongue. Higgs "gets" Leary--the greater number of the "24 Timothy Learys" his subject claims to have fashioned. Higgs' biography stylishly delivers the components of a life of "flat-out epic grandeur" (in Winona Ryder's words). Leary was one of the most original and controversial figures of the last half of the 20th century, whose influence on the 21st century might even be greater." - Michael Horowitz, Editor of Aldous Huxley's MOKSHA and Timothy Leary's CHAOS & CYBER CULTURE

"an exhilarating read, a stellar piece of work, a must-have" -

"a fascinating book about an extraordinary subject" - The Beat, May 06