MYSPACE - - Also contains a round-up of Leary documentaries from YouTube and Google Video.



The High Priest and the Great Beast - in issue 4 of the free downloadable esoteric magazine Sub Rosa - a lengthy article on the links between Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley.

The Latest Lifestyle is Your Deathstyle - Originally published in The Independent (London), Aug 24th 2005.

Interview with Paul Krassner in the Huffington Post

Interview with Greg Taylor from Sub Rosa and The Daily Grail.

The Top 10 Pyschedelic Non-Fiction for the Guardian.

Podcast with Mark Frauenfelder for BoingBoing

Interview with Sean Kearney of

Podcast interview with Deborah Harper of Psychjourney

The Making of Seven-Up - Originally published in Mojo, an article about the album Leary recorded with Ash Ra Tempel in 1972 whilst on the run.


TIMOTHY LEARY LINKS - A great place to start. - details of a treasure trove. - 4CDs of lectures by Leary from 1969, newly released. - good general site for Leary information. - Leary's webite since 1992, although it has been down and 'under construction' for many years now. - wikipedia entry - archive of Leary audio - video clips of a Leary documentary


PSYCHEDELIC LINKS - one of the most important psychedelic sites on the Internet - The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies - International LSD conference celebrating Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday - wikipedia entry for LSD


BOOK LINKS - UK publishers - US publishers - website of the photographer Robert Altman, whose portrait of Leary is used on the book cover.